Kids Camp

This camp is great for beginner level players, all the way to intermediate. This camp takes place over 1 week (4 days from Monday-Thursday). This camp is for ages 5-10. Our soccer professionals are ready to teach you the fundamentals of soccer, while bringing you some fun on the field. Come ready to learn, explore new skills, and meet new people.

Elite Training Camp

Intermediate to advanced Level Ages 7-14

SS ELITE – Elite Training Camp, your skills will be put to the test. You will have the opportunity to work with professional coaches from all over SWFL; our trainers will help you increase your skill set, mentality, and gain the proper confidence out on the field.
Do you have what it takes?
This training camp will consist of high intensity physical training, and skill practice such as attacking, technical passing, speed, conditioning, and the mental approach to the game. With our expert instruction, we believe you can make it to the collegiate level of soccer, and attain the proper skill development to become a stronger player.

Thanksgiving ‘Attacking’ Camp

Come join us for our Thanksgiving attacking camp! You will learn the proper skills of attacking defensively on the field, while playing the game that you love. Defense is our greatest strategy out on the field; come join us, show off your skills, and make some friends too!

Naples | Sign Up →

November 20th – 22nd, 2023 | Location TBD. 


Sarasota / Lakewood Ranch | Sign Up →

November 20th – 22nd, 2023 | Location TBD.


Winter Camp

Join us for our Winter Camp! At this camp, you will get to have competitive play with other players, learn new skills to bring to the field, and integrate your hard work onto the field. Come show us your skills and join us for some loaded fun outside.

Naples | Sign Up →

December 18-22, 2023 | Location TBD.

Sarasota / Lakewood Ranch | Sign Up →

December 18th – 22nd, 2023 | Location TBD.


Whether you’re new to soccer or excelling in the college and pro ranks, Stovi Stars trainers are committed to each player’s development. Our extensive experience and passion for the game create the ideal environment for nurturing young talent. Our programs are designed strategically to improve a player’s technical skills, and understanding of the game and foster teamwork to shape them into confident and skilled players who can thrive under any conditions.

Anthony Stovall “Stovi” - Owner / Program Director
Dejean Charlton "DJ" - Site Trainer / Coach
Tyler Zcenzak - Trainer
Peter Selensky - Site Trainer / Coach
Seth Calero - Site Trainer / Coach
Rosa Stewart - Registration Manager
Kaitlyn Ramos - AVe Maria
Kaitlyn Ramos - Trainer/ Coach
Lisa Quintero - Communication Specialist

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