Group classes


We offer Private Training and group training classes throughout the year.  Both types of training sessions will promote confidence,  ball mastery, and other elements to elevate a player’s game. With our expertise and your work ethic, there is nothing we can’t achieve…. we work and we train harder! 

Group Classes
Private Training

January - April, 2024

Private training takes place in 1-to-1 private session with a singular focus on individual skillset development. The schedule is crafted to the trainer and players availability. 

Group Classes are a great way to develop in a group setting with like-minded players that are focused on development. Most classes take place on Friday evenings. Group classes are designed for competitive players where they can train with teammates or like minded players. 


Whether you’re new to soccer or excelling in the college and pro ranks, Stovi Stars trainers are committed to each player’s development. Our extensive experience and passion for the game create the ideal environment for nurturing young talent. Our programs are designed strategically to improve a player’s technical skills, and understanding of the game and foster teamwork to shape them into confident and skilled players who can thrive under any conditions.

Anthony Stovall “Stovi” - Owner / Program Director
Dejean Charlton "DJ" - Site Trainer / Coach
Tyler Zcenzak - Trainer
Peter Selensky - Site Trainer / Coach
Seth Calero - Site Trainer / Coach
Rosa Stewart - Registration Manager
Kaitlyn Ramos - AVe Maria
Kaitlyn Ramos - Trainer/ Coach
Lisa Quintero - Communication Specialist

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