Whether you’re new to soccer or excelling in the college and pro ranks, Stovi Stars trainers are committed to each player’s development. Our extensive experience and passion for the game create the ideal environment for nurturing young talent. Our programs are designed strategically to improve a player’s technical skills, and understanding of the game and foster teamwork to shape them into confident and skilled players who can thrive under any conditions.

Anthony Stovall “Stovi” - Owner / Program Director
Dejean Charlton "Coach DJ"
Seth Calero
Lisa Quintero
Tyler Zenczak
Peter S (website pic)
Peter Selesky
Kaitlyn Ramos - AVe Maria
Kaitlyn Ramos
Rosa Stewart


Florida Gulf Coast University
Mackenzie Gorski

Kyle Morphy
Michael Whittaker
Kaitlan Palmer

Jack Bole

Trevin Myers

Palm Beach Atlantic University
Kianna Magner
Kylee Ruylo
Hudson Gudson

Eckerd College
Haley Desanto
Abby Elly
Casey Winn

University of South Florida
Kevin Robers
Donovan Hesselmeyer

Chowan University
Alejandro Godoy
David Fallerious
Nayson Tianga
Bryan Guavara

Shorter University
Seth Calero
Frankie Rodriguez
Evan Smith
Zach Maxson

Ave Maria University

Kaitlyn Ramos

Assumption University
Sebastian Jimenez
Nate Rodriguez
Dylan Rodriguez

University of West Florida
Brandon Medina
Noah Zantman

Lake Erie College
Kevin Garcia
Bryan Devny

University of Tampa
Alan Glate
Haley Pigott

Brown University
Max Waldua
Austin Alley

Eureka College
Jose Desonta
Ismael Frietas

Florida Atlantic University
Alex Maxson
Jessica Monterio

Jacksonville University
Ben Cook
Clayton Neidamyer

Methodist College
Ryan Carriero
Randy T.

Gardner-Webb University
Luis Ortiz
Ricardo Hernandez

Johnson University
Christian Dickson “Chicken”

University of St Thomas
Christian Della

Webber University
Auturo Mata

Holy Cross 

Brian Salvino

Stratton College
Daniel Astuiquana

Shaw University
Caleb Cook

University of North Carolina
Jack Bole

Nova Southeastern University
Christian Garcia

Thomas College
Luis Medina

Southeastern University
Caleb Barnhouse
Grayson Wilkes

Marshall University
Karen Rogge

Nova Southeastern University

Christian Gorski 

Middle Tennessee State University
Taylor Hatch

Lynn University
Kayla Gill

Georgia Southern University
Lawson Dooling

Bellarmine University
Christian Fischer

Rollins College
Peter Gannon

Stetson University
Seba Joffey

York St. John University (England)
Elliot Bannon

Belmont Abbey College
Noah Lamadrid

Friends University

University of Michigan
Abby Kastroll

Villanova University
Jessica Andrea

Barton College
Dion Gion

Wisconsin Lutheran College
Erek Lehnen

University of Tampa
Vincent Giurrieri

Eastern Florida State College
Hayden Ser

Barry University
Christian A

Southern Connecticut State University
Seth D

East Tennessee State University
Adam Everett

Fredonia State University
Morgan Muller

University of Central Florida
Kevin Reynolds

University of Eastern Florida
Tobias Mackee
Sebastian Joffe

Huntingdon College
Mackenzie Palmer

Florida Institute of Technology
Emily Smith

Wright State University
Wayne Walter

Saint Michael’s College
Alex Messen

The Catholic University of America
Gabby Delong


We’ve helped over 100 players get offers from colleges. Unlike other programs, we prepare players for the entire process, including how to communicate with recruiters and how to market themselves.


Our training methods prepare players to compete among the best. Rigorous training develops their technical skills while also giving them the mental stamina required to compete.


Our trainers don’t just teach players the skills they need ON the field. We help them succeed off the field as well by building confidence and teaching them skills they need to succeed in both soccer and life.